Friday 16 November 2007


The ballet performance last night was enchanting. All dancers did a fabulous job and Sebastian was very pleased with his performance.

I was over the moon. This little boy stood up against convention and stood amongst all the girls. To my eyes he was the brightest star. I couldn't have been prouder. He worked really hard and you should have seen the concentration in his eyes. Look at the exquisite 1st position of his feet in the photo.

He can even skip. Finally!

He was exhausted when he got home after 1 rehearsal on Tuesday night, 1 birthday party, 1 rehearsal and 2 performances last night. Go Seb!


Anonymous said...

Seb, you are the best..Your feet work was perfect..Wish I could have been there..I am so proud of you..Love Grandma (in Colorado)

Janell said...

WELL DONE! All the years I attended dance recitals, the little boys were the most charming! (Of course, Emily and Brooke were the BEST girl dancers in the school). Mrs. Howard said she can keep the boys until about third grade when they start taking too much peer pressure. But the ones we saw who did stay with it through the teen years and beyond were the most pasionate and enthusiastic dancers, and very entertaining!
Stay with it, Seb!

Anonymous said...

Give your son a high five for me!