Tuesday 27 March 2007

This Book Will Save Your Life by A.M. Homes

A few months back my book group read The Accidental by Ali Smith. I was not fond of the book. I found the whole scenario so improbable that it had no meaning to me. The idea that a stranger could arrive and be invited into your home and the communication and relationships of everyone in the family has so broken down that everyone assumes someone else in the family knows the stranger is just not happening in my version of reality. The members of the family were so horrifically flawed I found the ultimate transformation of the individuals highly unlikely and wholly unbelievable. I hated all the characters.

The Book Will Save Your Life runs along similar lines but is so much better written and so much more believable. I had a complete empathy for how this man ended up completely disassociated from society and how he made his re-entry to the human race. I loved the characters. I love how it ended. I love the events and whilst they are an amazing string of unfortunate scenarios to happen to one person, the story does take place in LA and every single one of them is believable.

I recommend this book for the sheer fun of it.

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Janell said...

I have never read either one of these but it sounds ike I might enjoy "...Save your Life"
A note of response to your comment on OSM - you inspire and encourage me daily with your open, honest postings here. I think you are the opposite of me in that area, but I'm learning SO MUCH from you.
I do hope your bathrrom problems will soon be flushed away (pun intended - I get that from my husband).