Saturday 7 April 2007

Hot Cross Buns

The English serve up these tasty treats toasted with butter. They are full of raisins and have a hint of cinnamon. My children love them. To be honest, everyone loves them. We are still trying to figure out how they put the cross across the top of the buns. And why are they an Easter treat? You can never buy them in the store at any time other than Easter time. We have gone through about 4 dozen in my household since last week. And we have only a dozen left. Might have to make a trip to the store today!

Auntie Mary and Uncle John had us round yesterday afternoon along with Auntie Dorothy and Uncle Mike for tea and hot cross buns.

Abigail put on one of her Easter Bonnets and a beautiful dress (a gift from Grandma Wink) and Seb paid special attention to his hair (?) which never sits right ever since he cut the side of his head open. He looks really handsome in green!

Apparently some Easter bunnies had appeared to Uncle John the night before and left chocolate Easter bunnies in the garden which the children ran around looking for. Seb explained to Uncle John that he must have been mistaken as there is only 1 Easter Bunny and he only comes the night before Easter. He doesn't hide chocolate Easter bunnies. He hides eggs. Seb thinks Uncle John is just a bit loco.

Uncle John got out the Lego and Seb and he spent the afternoon building all sorts of things including a flying car. Abigail entertained us with her mini-dramas.

We decimated the hot cross buns and the gorgeous Easter cupcakes. Seb ate 4 cupcakes and Abigail just licked off the frosting. She had frosting all over her chin.

We sat in the garden and enjoyed the sunshine. It was a beautiful day.

We dyed our Easter eggs in the morning and are all set for the bunny to appear to hide them.

This morning dawned another glorious day. The sun was bright and the temperature was warm.

Sebastian had his riding lesson and then we went to some friends house for an Easter party. (Diana & Shaun: Thanks - It was a great morning!) There was an Easter egg hunt (chocolate eggs only) and little nibbles for the children and adults. A really fabulous morning watching the children run around like banshees.

Tonight we are having Kerry and Eddie George round for dinner. We are having the other half of the cow we bought at Christmas time (remember that huge prime rib we got?). I'm sure we'll bust out a bottle of bubbly and wait in eager anticipation for the arrival of the Easter Bunny.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone looks simply devine darling...Tell Uncle John that it is okay to be loco...We've done our time..Cheers to all. Happy Easter. So sad the box didn't arrive as planned...Love Ya Grandma Wink