Sunday 22 April 2007

A Life of 90 Years

What's in a life that has lasted over 90 years? A lot!

Yesterday we celebrated Dorothy Harrison's 90th Birthday. Dorothy is Marc's Auntie Mary's mother. We celebrated with a lovely luncheon party at a beautiful barn. There were lots of family and lots of children and loads of great laughs.

Simon Bastow, Marc's cousin and Dorothy's grandson, gave a beautiful tribute reminding all of us of what an incredible individual Dorothy is (as if we could forget) and more poignantly, what an incredible life she has lived. She left home for her first day of teaching the day after the UK entered the second World War.

She is a prolific letter writer and a keen observer of sport, especially golf and tennis. Her mind is as sharp as a tack. She is never shy to express an opinion about the latest shenanigans of our politicians and their policies. The camera she is holding in her hand in the photo (left) is at least 50 years old and she wields it like a pro. She loves my children like they are her own great- grandchildren.

We were honoured to join her and her family in the celebrations and really enjoyed meeting family members previously unknown to us. We have made some new friends and hope to keep in touch with them. The lunch was delicious and the weather was beautiful. The children had a fabulous time and enjoyed playing with all the other children (with the small exception of Abigail's scrapped knee, which she has scrapped again this morning whilst helping mummy and daddy in the garden).

And to Dorothy, thank you for setting an example on how to live a life wholly, content and happy.

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Janell said...

What a lovely lady - thanks for introducing her.