Friday 27 April 2007

Physical Deterioration

My body is falling apart. At least it feels like it is. My complaints range from "mildly irritating" to "cause for concern and should see doctor about but haven't actually been able to schedule that in so I must be avoiding it".

Let's start with the mildly irritating and proceed to what might be slightly more serious (or the complaints of a hypochrondriac).
  1. I get itching attacks on my skin. Usually late in the evening my feet/hands will inexplicably start itching. There's no rash, no bites, no redness or swelling. No visible cause. Scratching doesn't make a damn bit of difference. Calamine lotion doesn't help. Then it just goes away. Until the next night.
  2. I've got athlete's foot that won't go away. I got this from a shower when Marc and I used to sail every weekend. The showers in those sailing clubs weren't the greatest. But I was young and foolish and immortal. Ever since then I get an attack every couple months. Used to be that a little cream between the toes and powder in my shoes would take care of it for a couple more months. Now, I've had this particular attack for 2 weeks. Cream in the morning and evening. Powder in my shoes and slippers. Washed all my slippers. Still got it.
  3. My feet hurt when I put any weight on them, like walking, a fairly mandatory daily activity. They hurt most in the morning when I get out of bed and late evening. Could be the ibuprofen I'm taking is masking the pain the rest of the day. The left foot hurts worse than the right. I feel like I'm walking around hobbling like a 70 year old woman. I remember how Nanny used to walk and I feel like I look just like her. Part of this is my weight (which is the topic of a whole other post). Steph thinks I've got spurs or something like that on my feet. I'm supposed to stretch my toes up towards my shins and this is supposed to help. So far, not working. Right now, ibuprofen is doing the trick.
  4. I'm getting regular throbbing to stabbing pains in my abdomen. Now you might think I am having appendicitis except that this pain is on my left side not my right. Oh, and I had my appendix out about 23 years ago. My sister is convinced that these are fibroid tumours. Whatever that is. She is insisting I see a doctor. She clearly hasn't tried to get an appointment with the NHS.

Before Nanny died she hated going to the doctors. She was afraid that one day she would go into the hospital and just never come home. And that is exactly how it happened. We reckon that she probably had cancer coursing throughout her body but at 84 she just decided she'd live long enough. I'm having seriously fatalistic thoughts at this point.


Anonymous said...

From someone who just turned 64,
the aches and pains and complaints
only get worse.

Janell said...

And we thought growing pains were bad!!!
I join Stephanie in urging you to see a Dr. about the abdomen pain. That's a bit worrisome. Keep us posted on that.
For the aching feet - teach Marc how to give a foot massage. I give at least one every evening to hubby or son or daughter. It's not only soothing to the feet, but comforting to the whole bod.

Janell said...

PS - I love the picture of a Royal Family! I hope you leave that one up for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Hey LaDawn,

I get athlete's foot sometimes. I found the best treatment is a spray rather than a cream. You can get them from most chemists.

With regards to your feet hurting have you tried some cushioning pads in your shoes to take the pressure away?

The throbbing/stabbing pains in your abdomen sounds a lot like some symptoms of IBS.....

Hope I've helped :)


Brooke said...

I agree with Steph and Janell you need to see a doctor. It could be something simple but it could also be something serious. I hope you start to feeling better though. On the athletes foot use Lamosil it works really good!

LaDawn said...

I can feel the love from my blog community. Thanks for taking such good care of me!

Janell said...

Special Request: Please do some blogging about the 10 countries you have lived in and how did you get to be such a vagabond?

Anonymous said...

Please, Please see a Dr. sounds alittle like fibroids on your uterus. If that time of the month is real heavy or none at all..could also be a sign...Needs to be checked out for sure...also sounds like IBS..however get really blooted with it usually. As for the feet oh dear...could be caused by your back is way out of wackkkkk. I had the same problem and when they finally got my spine in order it left.... took quit a few trips to the chroprator however....Love Ya Mom