Saturday 21 April 2007

Sebastian Quotes - Edition 2

Sebastian has had a "girlfriend" named Trixie since the early days of Reception. I don't know what it means to have a girlfriend at 4 years old although I do remember having a crush on a boy named Shawn Casement at that age 5. (But that is another post) Sebastian had introduced me to Trixie quite early on and we've met her parents. She is a lovely girl. Her parent's are lovely. He is the shortest in the class and she is very nearly the tallest. She stands a head above him. It doesn't seem to bother them.

At the start of Year 1, Sebastian came home one day to announce that he had a new girlfriend named Amy. I asked "What happened to Trixie?" He informed me that Trixie was still is girlfriend as well. The whole idea of monogamy has completely escaped his grasp and at 5 I'm just not sure it matters. So I didn't ask much.

One day Sebastian and I went to pick up his summer uniform for school, we ran into Amy and Roma. Roma is Amy's twin and she is in the other class from Sebastian and Amy. We had a nice little chat and Sebastian gave both girls cuddles.

We went to grab a cup of hot chocolate afterwards and I was curious so I asked Sebastian, if Amy and Roma were twins and they looked nearly identical, why were his feelings different for one than the other. Sebastian calmly replied that actually he loved both of them. I asked, "What happened to Trixie?" Well, apparently he loved her too.

This was a step too far. I asked Sebastian if maybe he didn't think three girlfriends at one time was a step too far? He replied in a low gravelly voice, "No, I've got enough luuuurve to go around!"

I could hear the Barry White soundtrack in the background.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm,takin after mum and dad maybe? Hmmmmmmmm Mom

Janell said...

You have to respect a man with that much self confidence!

Anonymous said...

Yes to need to respect a man with a biiiiiig heart (and appetite)