Tuesday 10 April 2007

Total Memory Failure

Mummy is a blonde. Mummy has lost her mind. Mummy forgot that the child minder has annual leave today and tomorrow. Ooooops! I get to work this morning and the phone rings. Tthe child minder, Jacqui, is on the line asking me if I've forgotten. Forgotten what? Forgotten that she doesn't have my children Tuesday & Wednesday this week.

So Marc took them back home. And I worked super duper fast and came home about 11:30 am. I will have to take the day off. I have tomorrow off any way as we are having our family portrait taken.

Class Mum of the Year moment!


Janell said...

That's not so bad - I once knew a brunette who dropped her child (a 5-year-old) off and drove away. Her babysitter wasn't even home! The little tyke found her way on foot to the bank where her daddy worked and was rescued. This was more than ten years ago and the mom has yet to forgive herself.
No, it wasn't me.

LaDawn said...

Mummy of the Year!

Anonymous said...

Don't ya just hate when the brain has a blank spot..Happens to all, some more than others..HeHe Mom