Monday 12 November 2007

The Vikings

Sitting round the dinner table tonight we were asking the children what they learned at school.

Abigail was very pleased with her swimming lessons which started after half term. She thinks she could swim the English Channel given the opportunity. We don't disagree.

Sebastian announced he is learning about the Vikings. Marc asked him what has he learned. Sebastian proceeded to list off an amazing litany of Viking trivia. After 20 minutes of Viking facts we decided we had heard enough.

I wonder if that is just what he learned today or if that is what he has learned over several weeks. Either way it is an extraordinary achievement.

If he learned it all today, I can't believe he remembered it all.

if he learned it all over the last couple weeks, I can't believe he remembered it all.

I can't remember to take my mobile phone with me when I leave the house or pick up my children after school. And yet he can remember that the Vikings burned their ships.

How does he do that?


Janell said...

He doesn't have to worry about remembering his mobile phone or picking up the children yet. His mind has more room for Vikings.

LaDawn said...

I want more Viking room!

Brooke said...

I could not forget my cell phone because it is my life. When the system went down friday I was lost but it was quiet. (Thanks Alltel)

Janell said...

More Viking room, huh? This will take some pondering...