Sunday 9 December 2007

Christmas Plays

Friday was an action packed day.

We started off the morning with Abigail's very first Christmas Performance. They combined the morning and afternoon nursery classes for the very first time. All the children were so excited they were bouncing. Of course the audience of more than 60 grownups put a wee bit of fear in them as they stood up on the stage. But that didn't stop them!

There wasn't a dry eye in the room by the time they had finished. It is an incredibly humbling experience to see these children just crack on. They've grown so much physically and emotionally since that first day in September. They've made friends and the teachers have provided them with a safe environment in which they have clearly built their self confidence.

Sebastian's performance as The Donkey in The Shineyest Star was that afternoon. This was his very last Pre-Prep Nativity Play as his career in Pre-Prep will be over in July. And it was his best!

He was one of three funny men playing the animals in the stable. They were masters of comic timing and everyone was laughing hysterically!

We were not allowed to take photographs or video the performance (all very professional, this is). I have ordered the professionally produced DVD and hope to have it by next week. If possible I will give you all a snippet of his comedy routine.

That evening was the Year2 Parent's Christmas Celebration at The Riverhouse. A great big Thank You goes out to the class mums who organised it. The venue was beautiful, the food delicious, and the drinks plentiful. I spent most of yesterday recovering from a few too many of those drinks.....

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