Saturday 29 December 2007

6 Days

I love the time between Christmas and New Years. I always lose track of time. I never know what day of the week it is. We stay up late watching old films on television or DVD. We play with all the toys we've gotten and taken advantage of the empty mornings and afternoons to indulge in true leisure activities. We sleep in late and read our new books in bed. We stay in our pajamas as long as we can.

On Thursday we had lunch with Marc's Aunt Mary and Uncle John Marc's cousins, Simon and Nikki (and her husband, Kevin) joined us as did Mary's mum, Dorothy, and Mary's brother, Mike. There were 4 generations represented. Lunch was a buffet and there were more than 6 puddings to choose from including my favourite Queen of Puddings! I think I had seconds on the lunch buffet and thirds at the pudding buffet. The children played games with the adults including one never ending Neighbour Beggar card game between Seb and Simon. It was never clear to me who won the game of Frustration. As always it was a relaxing afternoon off for me. John makes a wicked gin and tonic!

On Friday we went to the cinema to see Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium. The children had their own little boxes of popcorn and drinks and sat silently engrossed in the film. It was a fun and magical story although Dustin Hoffman's character got on my nerves towards the end. He seemed to be playing an older Rain Man. Natalie Portman was lovely but my favourite chracter was the little boy played by Zach Mills. He was fabulous!

Today we have a long walk planned through the Great Park. The sky is cloudless bright blue and the air is very crisp. We will need to bundle up but the fresh air will do us good!

PS In case you haven't noticed I received a fabulous digital SLR camera from Father Christmas and have been snap snapping away at about 80 photographs/day. Photobucket is loving me!

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