Tuesday 1 January 2008

A Year of Blogging

In December 2006, I finished the month with 231 visits to my blog. I was thrilled. I had just climbed aboard the blogging ride and didn't quite know what to expect or where I wanted to go with it.

December 2007 I finished the month off with 990 visits. 2007 saw more than 12,000 visits in total. Holey Moley!

Whatcha y'all doin' here?

Blogging has proved to be a weird and wonderful ride. It has captured moments of joy and moments of sadness in the life and me and my family. It has captured all the chaos that surrounds and the peaceful moments I find in the eye of the storm.

Mostly it has shared this roller coaster ride of the life of me and my family with everyone out there in cyber space. I've offended some which a respected journalist and blogger informs me is inevitable. I've entertained some which the same journalist tells me is much more rare.

I don't plan on going anywhere and I hope you don't either. Bring your friends.

Happy New Year!


Janell said...

I've enjoyed discovering ew blogs and making new friends of Blogospherians, but thie will always be my favorite.
Happy New Year!

Sue said...

My sister sent me to your blog. I have learned a lot of little things about Great Briton. Interesting things like hoovering and child minders. Enjoy your book reviews and have read some of the books. The Kite Runner has been made into a movie and am looking forward to seeing it.

Janell said...

Okay, "thie" is translated from Blogospherian to English as "this."