Thursday 3 January 2008

Office Prayer

I return to work tomorrow after 3 weeks off. Please bow your heads and think of me as I head off into the stress bowl of work.

Lord grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change
The courage to change the things I cannot accept,
And the wisdom
To hide the bodies of those people
I had to kill today because they pissed me off.
And also,
Help me to be careful
Of the toes I step on today as they
May be connected to the ass
That I might have to kiss tomorrow.


Brooke said...

Love this made me laugh especially when i needed one.

Myrnagj said...

Brings back memories of when I used to work in an office. Thanks for the laugh.

I now work in classrooms where I am (most of the time) in charge. It is adult school and usually not too much administration. If I turn all the paperwork on time and without complaint--everything is 'golden'.

Janell said...

Amen, Sister.

And may your hitonious moments be limited to a mangeable few.
And treat yourself to a FABULOUS lunch!

May I use this space to complain safely? I'm in middle management: which means that I'm in the middle of everyone who is pissed off about one thing or another: customers and upper management. No matter who wins the arguement, I lose.

Janell said...
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cdroses said...

Needed this! I am "the office" for two companies (owned by one man), so can fully appreciate Janell's comments! Nothing like getting back to the "real world", after the holidays!