Friday 25 January 2008

Academy Awards

I am a huge movie fan. But with the announcement of the Oscar nominations I am feeling a bit out of touch.

I went to fill out my cool interactive Oscar ballot and realised that I've only seen 1 of the films nominated. I had only heard of one of the directors and the one actress nominated in a film I had seen was actually not that good of a film and seriously over acted by Cate Blanchett.

I am going to blame this all on my children. Going to the cinema before children was a relatively cheap way to spend the evening. But the cost of a babysitter is more expensive then the cinema tickets.

Of course, it is not entirely the children's fault. Film times don't help either. On Friday and Saturday nights the films either start before 7 or after 9. Before 7 is not an option because I would hate to saddle our babysitters with the bath and bed routine. And by 9 I just want to cuddle up in bed.

I must be getting old.

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