Sunday 27 January 2008

You Know You're a Redneck When.... and your family drive to the nearest town (40 miles or so) and check into the nearest motel with cable television to catch the Bull Riding Championships LIVE from Las Vegas, Nevada. And you take an ice cooler on wheels filled with beer.

OK, so I admit it. I'm a redneck. Or at least I used to be. Once a redneck, always a redneck? At the very least all my family are rednecks.

I came to this realisation one day when this exact scenario unfolded in front of me. And I was a willing and able participant.

This is how the story goes:

My sister and I were visiting my father and his wife in Ford City, Missouri. This is the back of beyond and a wee bit further than that. He didn't have television. Where he lives out in the boondocks ya gotta have satellite and he didn't have satellite so he hadn't even bothered to buy a television. Makes sense but can be a bit unsettling if you aren't expecting it.

Our cousins, Kim and Brenda, and their daughters, Brooke & Mary, also turned up for a visit from the neighbouring state of Nebraska (only a drive of a couple hundred miles or so).

Now all of us are fairly big rodeo fans and I ain't afraid to admit it. If you've never seen a rodeo you need to be doing that before you die. And the bull riding part of a rodeo is just about as excitin' as it gets. Maybe I ain't sellin' this so good.

Anyway, we were all distraught when we realised that my fathers refusal to get connected with that modern invention called the television was going to cost us the viewing of the longest 3 seconds a man has ever seen. for the uninitiated 3 seconds is how long you gotta stay on a bull for the ride to get scored.

So we all packed ourselves into the various vehicles and set off for St Joseph, Missouri to see if we could find ourselves a Motel 8 with cable television. We did.

Not entirely sure what that motel owner thought when 2 grown men, 4 grown women and 3 children checked into 1 room with a king size bed for just a couple hours but quite frankly, we didn't care.

We had filled up our cooler on wheels with beer (and just a bit of fruit juice for the younguns and drivers) and brought along some munchies and sat down to watch ourselves a rodeo.

We had one of the best times ever! We knew we were rednecks. We didn't care. We wear that stereotype with pride and honour.


Brooke said...

We had Jordanne with us also!

I remember that!

Brooke said...

We were actually staying there the more I think about it. There wasn't enough room at your dad's house to stay the night. So we all went back to our motel. Its 8 seconds you have to stay on a bull to ride not 3 seconds. Its a ride of your life for 8 seconds.

Janell said...

Ya'll make me so proud I got a lump in my throat!

Jamie Dawn said...

Yep, yer a redneck!!

My hubby grew up in St. Charles, MO.

Thanks for stopping by my place!!


LaDawn said...

It is 8 seconds....what was I thinking? I think Nanny was with us as well!

Brooke said...

I think your right!

stephanie said...

I must say that I did attend this event. This was for Dad and E's housewarming party. I helped plan it but did not get to go. Sorry...not a redneck this time.

stephanie said...

I mean I did NOT get to go!

Brooke said...

Oh come on Steph we want you to be a redneck with us!

Sue said...

In the house Joe and Angie are building Joe gets a room of his own to display his hunting things. Angie calls it his "Redneck Room." Jacob is following in his Dad's footsteps. He chose camoflage for his bedding in his new room.

LaDawn said...

Clearly my memory is failing me...but I know we carried Steph with us in our hearts and minds. I know she would have loved to have been there! I think I was remembering the time Steph & I drove from Chris's wedding in Wyoming to my Dad's and stopped at the Quick's house in Blair to watch the Rodeo championships. We also watched a cowboy film but once again my memory is struggling. Was it 8 seconds?

Brooke said...

Nope we watched the Stanley cup when you guys drove to our house from chris's wedding. That is when I started to watch hockey.

LaDawn said...

And this my friends is the difference between the memory of a 40somthingish year old (me) and a 25 year old (Brooke)!

Brooke said...

Lol. I think I remember this stuff because I didn't see you that much well I still don't see you that much. I was always excited to see any of you guys. I remember going to the movies with Tyson. We went to see Dumb and Dumber when he came to see us. It was a lot of fun.