Wednesday 2 January 2008

Standard Operating Mode

January 2 is a return to standard operating mode. All the Christmas decorations come down. Furniture is moved back into its normal place. The illusion is shattered and the cluttered coziness is by now getting on my nerves. Way too much food has been eaten and too much alcohol drank. We've stayed up well past our bedtime nearly every evening since 2 December.

January 2 is the day it all returns to normal in anticipation for a glorious year!

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Janell said...

This title reminds me of a story: an old friend of mine was attending a Nebraska country school in the 1940s and her cousi, who was a fighter pilot, buzzed their school one morning during recess. As soon as she was able to catch her breath, the teacher said, "Well, that was certainly well outside the parameters of standard operating procedures!" That kind of describes the activities of December, doesn't it?