Monday 21 January 2008

A Lilac Tree

When I was a small girl, our first permanent home in Lakewood had these lilac trees at the back of the garden behind the swing set. They were light and dark purple and they always smelled so beautiful. I remember smelling them as a swung back and forth.

When we came to look at our house it was in May and two huge lilac trees were in blossom in the neighbouring garden. My kitchen window looked right out on to the most beautiful huge lilac tree I had ever seen.

New neighbours bought the house in July of this year. Within weeks they had taken down the lilac tree at the bottom of the garden because they felt it blocked the sun too much in the evenings on the back of their garden.

On 2 January they set about extending the back of their house to be flush with ours (ours was extended the year before we bought it). They tore down the back wall and are in the process of rebuilding it. The builders have told them the lilac tree that my kitchen window overlooks is too big and will interfere with their new foundations.

So they took it down. I cried.

At first they suggested we put in a big fence. I don't fancy looking out my kitchen window at a big fence. I know what they say: The secret to good neighbours is good fences. But I just don't believe this. I don't think it encourages a village mentality. I think big fences isolate people from
their neighbous which I don't think is a good thing.

Not sure what our solution is but we need to come up with one. I am not fond of change!


Janell said...

I can see that losing that lilac tree was like losing an old friend. My condolences!

stephanie said...

Just say no to 6' fences. I hate them. I love our 3' fence here. It needs to be repaired in a bad way...but never with a 6' one.