Saturday 26 January 2008


Abigail bit Sebastian this morning.

Biting is common in young children. It stems from the frustration of not being able to communicate effectively and all that emotion just bubbles over and they lash out. I get that. There are a couple people at the office I wish I could bite.

So I was going to get them talking.

I sat the two of them down on their respective beanbags in the middle of the playroom and made them look at each other for 2 hours. During that time they could do nothing but talk to each other.

No TV, no crayons, no books, no computer, no games, nothing. Just each other.

I asked them to tell the other how they felt about each other.

And then I left them to it.

When I returned (having snuck a peek or two to make sure they hadn't killed each other) I was ecstatic to find that at the end of the time Sebastian was giving Abigail a foot massage and telling her about how much fun it is when they go camping together.

A parenting success.


Janell said...

Good job, Mom. I wish you'd been around to learn these things from when my kids were youngsters.

Cliff said...

Better than a ball bat that's for sure. Wise beyond your years.

Anonymous said...

Yea Mom!