Saturday 12 January 2008


I'm not entirely sure what parents have done to do deserve it but clearly we have offended.

The Recorder.

My son and his school are conspiring to accelerate my nervous breakdown by sending him home with the most outrageous sounding musical instrument in the world. OK, not quite; that would be the bagpipes and hopefully there are no plans on the curriculum for one of those to come home.

But the recorder is not far behind.

Seb clearly thinks he's hit pay dirt. A piano and a recorder all in the space of a few weeks. He reckons he's a musical genius and wants to play all the time. My ears betray the truth. This boy requires lessons for a long long long time.

Bless his persistence. Bless his tenacity. Bless his tone deafness.

Anyone got a good pair of ear plugs?


Janell said...

And bless the parents who listen to the practices.

stephanie said...

Yes, we do have plenty of ear plugs. Anthony gets a package of them every year for Christmas from his parents. I am not sure when he is suppose to use them. His computer in the basement is so loud and all. Maybe it is for when the kids are fighting and perhaps when I am talking.