Thursday 31 January 2008

Laundry Fairy

I have a laundry fairy. Do you have a laundry fairy?

What is a laundry fairy?

The laundry fairy puts all folded clothes away in drawers and hangs it up on hangers.

Whilst my husband will occasionally help out by folding a few pairs of underpants and a couples of his t-shirts he really has no idea how all of these items make into into the drawers and closets. He will, if asked super nicely, carry the laundry basket upstairs.

But that is as far as it will go. He has never ever hang up any of the children's clothing. And the only reason he knows where anything goes is because he gets them dressed in the morning after I've left for work.

So the laundry fairy swoops in and rescues us. She (and it would be a she) puts it all away in the allocated drawers and ensures the nice clean clothing doesn't get any wrinkles.

Isn't that nice of her? I'll bet you wish you had a laundry fairy.


Sue said...

Once in a while, in the summer, my laundry fairy gets a little help. This time it is he. He will take the laundry off the line outside,
put what he thinks should be hung on hangers and sort of fold the rest. This usually happens while I am mowing the lawn or off getting groceries. Things usually need to be refolded and put away, but I don't complain. Every little bit helps.

Brooke said...

My laundry fairy gets lazy towards the end of the night and doesn't want to get the clothes out of the dryer. Oh wait I am the only one that lives there. Man I wish there was a such thing. I do however have a special fairy named Bailey that loves to come clean my house and fold towels. I like when that fairy comes around. Then I have a special fairy named Mary that cleans out the fridge and takes the trash out. I like when that one comes around also. Some how I get talked in to take them out to dinner everytime these fairies come around.

Janell said...

I think, instead of a fairy, I have a demon who (and it would be a he) takes the dirty laundry out of the baskets and scatters them down the stairway and leaves piles of them in the bathroom. He think if he doesn't look at them, they don't really exist. May I trade for your fairy?

Myrnagj said...

I really want a kitchen cleaning fairy and a paper shredding fairy.

Cliff said...

I have a laundry fairy. She is good.
I some times try to fool her by putting a load of clothes in the washer and not tell her. She doesn't like it when I do that.

LaDawn said...

Oh man, I have now realised that I have demons and fairies. And they are fighting. Demons are winning. Fairies need a spa holiday on an exotic beach Fairy going on strike and everyone can go to school and work naked!

Anonymous said...

We had an ironing fairy but HE was unappreciated... He was chopped in for a pancake fairy on Sunday mornings... (He did ironing on Sunday mornings but mission control wanted pancakes)

stephanie said...


Who said you could comment? And flying under the radar with the anonymous login. Off you go!

Unknown said...

Hey Ladawn, that is Hilarious!

Andy has a 'Pant Fairy' too! And his pant fairy is very unappreciated and even gets moaned at when the socks and pants are low, god forbid that only white pants may be available!

Hope all good with you and your lot, lets catch up soon,