Saturday 5 January 2008

The Schizophrenic Kiss

I find it difficult to relieve my mind
Of the thoughts that keep distracting my attention
As you schizophrenic kisses
Even from my memory
Demonstrate their power
And dictate who I am to think on.

And I remember how they started
With your lips just slightly chilled
By the cool November weather
Kisses sweet and so tender.

Then flushed with blood
They became warm and inviting
Increasing the heat of my own
As the snowflakes watched in fear
And tried avoiding our embrace.

Then suddenly your kisses warm
Became frenzied and impassioned
And I felt as if I would lay down
Right there on the cold street
To satisfy your any wish
If that would be your desire.

Then kisses taunting and teasing
Manipulating me as they chose to
Returning to sweet and tender
Leaving me speechless and dazed
With an incessant smile on my face
Wanting only to begin again
Hypnotized and fascinated
By every aspect, of the personalities
Of your kiss.

NOTE: This was written for me by an old boyfriend. Sure wish I could remember his name but then I didn't feel this way about the way he kissed me.


Myrnagj said...

I like the poem your old boy friend wrote. Kissing good night in those cold, snowy climates.....

And the quote is worth keeping.

Shirley said...

That was a little steamy. And you don't remember his name?

LaDawn said...

I've been thinking all night about it and I think his name was Richard.

Janell said...

That's amazing that such passion was completely unreciprocated! Lots of food for thought here.

LaDawn said...

I'm a really good kisser....LOL!