Monday 17 December 2007

One Thing After Another

This morning was the first full day of school holidays and we didn't get off to a very good start.

Sebastian woke up complaining of excrutiating pain n his neck. He had obviously slept in a position which created a sever crick in his neck. He couldn't walk. He couldn't even get himself positioned properly to do a wee.

We gave him some children's ibuprofen and put a wheat sock warmed up in the microwave around his neck. He was clearly in no shape to go out especially since we couldn't even get him dressed.

So I took Abigail to the child minders. Because we were behind schedule and the child minder's children are still in school she wasn't there and we had to wait for her to get home.

By the time I got to work there were no parking spaces left and I had to park offsite and wait for the mini bus.

I had missed a meeting due to my late arrival and spent the rest of the day struggling to catch up. I stayed behind schedule, never did catch up, had to rescheudle a meeting for after my return and left the office in a bit of a rush to pick up Abigail and swap Sebastian from Marc to me so Marc could get some work done.

When we got home I realised that I had forgotten to pick up a package at the post office so off we went again. I drove into Windsor and tried to park behind the post office. A man there said no parking. I explained that I had a sick child and couldn't leave him in the car far from where I was. He was rude, told me he didn't care and just walked away.

I tried to park close by, got out of the car and ran into the office. After waiting in the queue they informed me that I had to queue in the main office around the front. I couldn't leave the children in the car that long and I burst into tears.

A very nice women seeing how distressed I was then volunteered to stand by my car and watch the children whilst I ran in. When I got into the post office the queue was out the door and down the road.

That was enough for me. I decided to call it a day.

I headed back to the car, thanked the lady who had shown me some kindness and the grace and patience to sit with my children, and went home.

I will just pick up the package tomorrow. Because I am now on holiday!


stephanie said...

I would love to make you a hot buttered rum to drink your stresses away. Thinking of you. I miss you alot.

LaDawn said...

bring it on....miss you more than you can possibly imagine. wish we could make some popcorn balls together!

Janell said...

My goodness! What a day you've had! Vacation is the perfect follow up to a day like that!