Wednesday 19 December 2007

Oprah Again

I've had my ups and downs with Oprah. Sometimes she gets it and sometimes she soooo doesn't.

In the December 2007 issues of her O Magazine, she finally lost it. I always am so hard on myself when I read or listen to Oprah go on about how to throw the perfect party or buy the perfect jeans. Oh sure, she can hire help and if I had her money I could spend hours and hours scouring the stores for the perfect fitting pair of jeans.

Frankly, I don't and I can't.
She always she seems to know things for sure. I don't. What I knew yesterday isn't always what I know today. My memory is failing.

In Oprah's What I Know For Sure column (the very last page of the magazine), Oprah had a melt down. Not a screaming hysterical melt down but certainly a I am juggling too many balls and I just dropped them all sort of meltdown.

I have these meltdowns all the time, most recently just a few days ago.

My heart hurt when I red about Sophie, Oprah's dog, struggling with her health and the loving tender care she lavished on her. But to see Oprah admit that it had all caught up with her and she was full up just proved to me everything is not all that it appears to be. Some of her things didn't get done. Her dog didn't die (thank goodness). She isn't having a lavish party at Christmas. She doesn't have a Martha Stewart Christmas planned. Even with all her "people" she is just struggling to keep her head above water.

Swim Oprah Swim!

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully she's ok, but if she "sinks"... I want her to take Obama with her...