Saturday 22 December 2007

Early Christmas Present

Marc & I gave our family an early Christmas present last night when we took possession of our new family piano. New to us anyway. And not exactly a gift.

Sebastian had done so well at his piano recital I felt the dear boy deserved his very own piano. Running next door to squeeze in practice on the neighbour's piano was proving difficult. I was keen to ensure we didn't inconvenience anyone which isn't the easiest of things when you're trying to get a 6 year old to practice piano in between everything else he does.

We approached the music store with confidence. The music teacher had assured us that a keyboard was fine as long as the key were piano weighted. I thought 70 or so would be more than adequate. Ooooops!

We missed a zero. We went home.

We started where all discouraged stated: eBay. But even there the keyboards were was beyond our budget. And then I thought, hey, I know tons of people trying to get rid of pianos.

Proper pianos! Who in their right mind would spend loads of money for a keyboard (technically an inferior instrument in my twisted mind) when you get could a piano for free?

We scoured the classifieds and found the perfect piano. One of Marc's customers is a moving company and they agreed to pick it up on Friday afternoon and deliver it to our home.

This piano is nearly 90 years old and requires some tuning. It has been lovingly played despite being a bit dinged and scratched.

We moved it into the dining room and picked up the children at the child minder's. It took the children a while to discover it. But Sebastian's eyes lit up when he saw it.

He immediately sat down and started playing jingle bells. He was thrilled to have "his very own piano" and told us that this was a great present.

I love the sound of a child playing music in the home. And now that child is mine and it is my home. A great gift indeed! To us as much to him and Abigail!

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