Friday 10 August 2007

Best Money

This is going to sound like a complete cliche but it has got to be the investment I made in my education.

Getting my degree taught me more than just the stuff in the books or how to make friends on a campus of strangers or to party until dawn and dance like a maniac.

Taking all those different classes taught me what I liked and didn't liked. I learned who I wasn't and what I wanted to be and have and see and learn.

It cost me a fortune and took me ages to pay it all off but it was so worth every sacrifice I made!

OK, so if you put my education to the side, I would have to say a certain grey Calvin Klein winter coat that I bought about 8 years ago when I worked in London on Bond Street. My office was above the flagship store and I used to walk past and look longingly in the windows every day when I went to grab a bite to eat.

Autumn had arrived and I needed a coat for the imminent chill of a damp drizzly London winter. I saw the coat I wanted in the window. I coveted that coat. I dreamed of that coat. At last, I went in, tried it on, and it looked fab. I had to have the coat.

On payday I bought that coat. At the time, this coat cost me 1/4 of my monthly earnings. I felt indulgent. But I looked great!

I've still got it and still wear that dang coat!

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