Saturday 4 August 2007

Weekend Plans

This weekend Marc & I have a rare weekend away from the children. We are going up to Birmingham to celebrate the 40th birthday of our friend, Sean. Our former neighbour, Gill, is babysitting the children. We are going up around 4 pm today, staying over night and plan to return by 2 pm tomorrow afternoon. Dinner and dancing is on the cards! No doubt fuelled by a few drinks and some glorious summer weather!

Seb has got a riding lesson today at midday and that will be his last until the autumn and school starts. Abigail is still in bed. She fell asleep on the sofa quite early in the evening yesterday. At 10:30 last night she was still wide awake in her room. So at 10 this morning, she is still sound asleep. Her schedule is going to be completely messed up. Sorry Gill!

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