Wednesday 1 August 2007

Dog Health

Bailey is nearly recovered from his surgeries. The swelling of his manly jewels has come done and he can now walk without looking like he's been in a saddle for 4 months. The incision on his stomach had the stitches removed yesterday afternoon. There are still some stitches on the inside but I d believe he is well on his way to recovery. He didn't get any infections and the hair on his chest will grown back.

What you ask does all this mean and why should I care?

This dog is a spaz. He is a 10 month old golden Labrador and is taken for at least 2 walks/day for at least 2 miles/each. He also swims daily in the river. He then is tolerable in the evenings.

During his infirm, he could not be exercised to the desired degree of exhaustion and we nearly all had a nervous breakdown. He actually knocked Abigail over on 3 different occasions.

Yesterday afternoon and last night was a different story. Marc took him to work with him (to different client's offices-the ones who don't care) and then ran him ragged. He laid down about 6:30 pm in his bed and didn't move a muscle.

To be fair, that's what we all did!

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