Monday 27 August 2007

The Process

Just so y'all know what is going on here with the blogging:

I've kept copious notes during our travels and am trying to get them transcribed into posts (complete with photos) that make sense as well as entertain and inform. Bear with me as I go through 14 days worth of travel notes and share our family's fun with you.


Sue said...

Welcome back. Look forward to the accounts of your adventures.

Myrnagj said...

OK. I'm waiting for your travel log.

The memory blog made me think of a photograph of one of Mother's friend's daughter on a beautiful little pony. I envied her that pony and didn't understand how she had one and we lived on a farm and I didn't. Well, years later I find out that it was a travelling photographer with a pony. I also found out the girl on the pony had a mental illness later in life.

LaDawn said...

funny when things are like that.....and I wasn't a princess and some could say I have a wee bit of mental instability. I consider it individualism!