Tuesday 28 August 2007

No Noise

My husband and I spent the day relaxing and tidying after 2 solid weeks of holiday mach 10 hair on fire activity! The house was sooooo quiet. Things stayed put where you put them and rooms that you had previously tidied, stayed tidied. They didn't suddenly morph into disaster zones whilst you went upstairs to change the bed linens. Amazing.

We then went out to dinner last night. (Wagamama's in Windsor - one of our favs!) We talked. To each other. For 3 whole hours without a single interruption. Except the waiter. Which doesn't count because he brings you things! I love talking with my husband.

We came home. We went to bed without putting little ones on the loo. And I forgot to set my alarm which I don't normally need because I have 2 small children who wake at the crack of dawn. Oooops - gotta get to work!


Janell said...

What a lovely way for you and Marc to wrap up your holiday. My calendar tells me the UK had a bank holiday Monday, so you must have gotten an extra day off.

LaDawn said...

We did indeed!

Shirley said...

Welcome home -- Sounds like you have had a great time -- I'm looking forward to reading about the rest of it -- It never occurred to me that Europeans ever went camping -- I didn't imagine there were any places to camp. Had this notion of people just going off to "the country for a holiday" in a cottage of some sort.