Monday 6 August 2007

Old Woman & A Chip

On Saturday afternoon, we had stopped to eat our lunch at the new Gourmet Burger Kitchen restaurant. As we sat inside waiting for our food to be delivered we watched all the people walking by.

A little old lady was hobbling past a table outside. She approached a man and woman sitting enjoying their bowl of chips (french fries). She spoke and the people look shocked but smiled politely. The lady then nicked one of their chips and said something else then walked away. We stared at the situation. And everyone started laughing.

I ran into the woman who had been sitting at the table in the ladies room. Apparently, the little old lady had stopped at the table as she was walking by and said "Oh, those look good. Mind if I have one?" as she reached in and took one not waiting for their response. She then went on to tell them "I've been very busy shopping and haven't stopped to get something to eat."

We laughed. I bet she could eat an entire meal by just walking the length of the outdoor cafes in Windsor and nicking one item off of every one's plate.

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