Wednesday 1 August 2007

Strange Sighting

Last week I went out a couple nights on the trot with my work mates for various celebrations and commiserations.

Late on Thursday night I was sharing a cab home with a couple colleagues. We had finished off more than a couple bottles of wine and shots of tequila. We'd gone from (non-Brits: Look Away! This will make no sense to you at all!) Richmond to Hampton to Staines with 2 more stops to go.

As we pulled into the road of my colleague Sara, we (including the taxi driver) were alarmed to find her road blocked off my a police car. She lives in a narrow urban road with cars parked on both sides of the street and only room for one car to travel down the middle.

We pulled up and the cab driver got out to have a look around. Being nosey, we joined him.

There were no police around and there was a car upside down in the middle of the road. Two parked cars on both sides of the over turned car were completely smashed. There was another police car blocking the road at the other end of the street. Once police car had all the paper work strung out on the bonnet (hood) of the car. There were no neighbours out and about.

It was eery. I felt like we had landed on another planet and all the people on the planet had been taken away. Except for us.

Sensibly James walked Sara to her house. Whilst the cab driver and I were waiting for James to return more police cars arrived screeching to a stop and yelling at some yobs. The cab driver and I decided it might be better if we waited in the car. I decided it might be better if I waited crouched down in the back seat so as not to catch any stray bullets. Ever the optimist. (Remember I had just seen the film Babel last week which has been freaking me out a bit!)

James returned before anyone returned to the police cars and the cab driver made a hasty exit.



Janell said...

That sounds really scary, Did you ever find out what happened?

LaDawn said...