Friday 12 January 2007

Dog Destroyer

He looks sweet and innocent. He is not. He destroyed the doggie bed we bought him and is now sleeping on the remnant of fabric with very little stuffing and a very hard tiled floor (as seen in photo). He has chewed all corners of the skirting board in the kitchen. Yesterday he decided my kitchen towels were fair game and flung them to all corner of the kitchen, ripping and tearing as he went. Today the crate arrives and he will be duly "locked up" during periods of unsupervision. He is growing so quickly I can hardly remember what a small little puppy he was. the fear is he is going to grow into an enormous dog bigger than everyone in the house except Marc. The good news is he has developed quite a gentle nature around Abigail and Seb and he are best mates.

Sebastian is finding the return to school exhausting. He is struggling to do his homework in under a couple of hours which eats into my time for other household duties/chores. Hopefully, next week will get easier as his brain is retrained. I can't even imagine the battle his teachers are having at school but as always they never complain. I have never met such a group of dedicated educators.

Abigial has loved her first week at pre-school although just like Sebastian, I can't out of her what she actually got up to. If she is to be believed they all just stood around and looked at each other. Strange how children can remember nothing (or refuse to tell you) what they did all day. Of course, she must have been run off her feet because like Sebastian she has been requesting to go to bed at 7 pm (instead of the normal 8). Good for mummy and daddy though!

Abigail is home with me today as her child minder had an operation yesterday. We send Jacqui
get well wishes and hope she is back on her feet and fit as a fiddle in no time.


Econo-Girl said...

Your puppy looks very cute. Isn't it cute the way they think everything is a toy at first? If you don't think about it too much, I mean. Of course, I've had five pairs of glasses eaten myself.

LaDawn said...

Cute until he desroyed my kitchen.....although I hate the kitchen so this is a good excuse to have it redone...although the part he destroyed I liked. rrrrrr!