Wednesday 17 January 2007

Email Accounts

I've got 3 email addresses. One at work that is JUST for work! No personal email goes to work EVER! I can't control the actions of people I don't know and sometimes I get email from people I don't know. Another is my AOL account for personal email which is from friends and family with whom I have a close personal relationship or emails which I have specifically requested and consider to be of utmost importance. If you've got my AOL email, you are one lucky individual. The other one is hotmail. I use this account for everything else. So whenever I go to a web site and I need to register I give them this address. Or if I subscribe to newsletters I give them this address. I do get loads of email I don't want but hotmail makes it very easy to delete masses of email quickly without even opening it. I find this all works very well for me.

It does mean that I can prioritise the order in which I check my email. If I'm working, I'm checking work. I don't check either AOL or hotmail from the office as that would give my employer access to my personal emails. Not that I get up to anything inappropriate but you never know what your friends are sending you. And god only knows what spam might be received into my hotmail account, although to be honest, I never get offers for appendage enlargement or prescription medication sent directly to my home. I must successfully steer clear of sights which offer up their subscriber list to these businesses.

If I'm busy (most of the time) I can go into the hotmail account and mass delete the majority of the email. If I have time I can linger. I check my AOL account every day. These emails are from people who are important to me and to whom (I imagine) I am important to. I want to read what they send!

Basically, what I'm saying is that with a little bit of discipline this works. I just don't get what all the fuss is about too much email. I did nearly die under the weight of the email when I was doing the Thames Valley American Women's Club newsletter but that is the subject of another post.

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