Wednesday 10 January 2007

Rat Race

It's official. I've missed my 1st day of posting since I started the blog. Yesterday was one of those whirlwind days where I barely stopped to breath.....Work was meeting after meeting, long brain intensive meetings. We did respect a moment of silence to remember 7 of our colleagues who died in a helicopter crash between 2 of our gas platforms up in Morecambe Bay on 27 December. I just can't imagine how difficult this must be for their families. I stood there in silence thinking how lucky I am to do a job where I don't put my life on the line day in day out.

Then the chaos began. I met Jacqui at the Leisure Centre and took Abigail for her ballet class. It was a busy day for her as she also went to pre-school that morning. Abigail misbehaved the entire class and wouldn't do anything as asked. she jumped around in the middle and completely disrupted the class. Can she be expelled from ballet?

Marc picked up Sebastian at Ballet and then picked up one of Seb's mates, Lorenzo (who is moving to Germany on Sunday), and brought him round to play. Lorezo is not starting school here and his mother said he's driving her crazy as he is bored stiff. The cleaner left the door to the dining room open and Bailey ate some oven mits and tea towels (grrrrr!). Started dinner for the 5 of us. Went through the post, read the school notices. Did Sebastian's homework with him. Children went off to bath and bed and I fell asleep on the sofa before 9 pm.

I had one of those nights where I had a whole series of vivd dreams that I remember! When I woke from the first set of dreams it was only just after midnight and I could have sworn I had been dreaming for hours. Then this morning I woke to realise I had another set of vivid dreams. What a strange night!

Must get back into the swing and routine of it all!

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