Monday 8 January 2007

Household Accidents

Big thanks go out to Trevor and Joy Cook who had us round for Sunday dinner yesterday. Jamie, their son, goes to school with Sebastian and we spent a relaxing afternoon enjoying their culinary delights (especially the bread and butter pudding) and a few glasses of wine. The children were having a great time playing (Seb & Jamie are computer whizzes already)........right up until the point when....wait for it....Jamie fell chasing a remote controlled helicopter (don't ask) around the lounge and his eye had a collision with a glass topped table. Off to A&E (ER for you Americans) for some glue and strips. Table 1 Jamie 0. What's a Sunday afternoon without a trip to A&E? I knew our school holidays just were not complete. Not enough excitement, that's what I say!

Then I couldn't all....Marc got The West Wing (Series 7) for Christmas (which inexplicably we missed a lot of) and we watched a few episodes then off to bed. I was up reading until 3 am with loads of trips to the toilet and looking out the window. For some reason I had convinced myself that someone was breaking into the house. Now my husband did try to convince me that this was a wee bit irrational given that we live down a lane, there were no unidentified cars parked outside, it was raining cats and dogs and blowing a gale, and the dog was not making any noise. This was all beside the point as far as I was concerned at 2 am. I finally put the book down and convinced myself that they could take it all if they had to but I had to get to work so I needed to sleep. Finally, dozed off somewhere about the time that it was time for me to get up. Perfect!

My mother's Christmas box finally arrived today ! We loved having a second Christmas! Odd thing is my brother, George's box has never arrived and he sent his before my mother sent hers. Who can understand the mysteries of the postal service? We got loads of Colorado jumpers which are the perfect antidote to this horrible weather (all cotton and thick and soft and warm).

Marc and I severed our franchise agreement with Auditel today after 4 years and 8 months of operation. We never lost money but we never hit our targets either. When the mobile and energy markets changed so dramatically we knew we were never going to hit the sales targets and it was costing us much more than we were earning over the last year to maintain the agreement. So we are now wholly dependent on the computer services business. Just as well not to have the franchise distraction (and financial commitment)! it has been slow during the

Marc is making a killer lasagne for dinner, Seb starts back to school and Abigail goes off to pre-school and her new ballet class tomorrow . I am shattered and want to go to bed. The holiday is over and the rat race begins.....get ready, get set.......

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