Friday 12 January 2007

Firefox Magic

Live and learn.....and seek the advice of colleagues. If you've been reading this you will know that I've been struggling with the whole Mac experience. First, the dog ate through the cable which allowed me to switch between the 2 machines. Then Safari (the Mac web browser) wasn't supported by blogger (the service I use to publish my blog). Needless to say this left me all a bit disillusioned, disappointed and well, just dissed. Ah, but I know have this seriously cool switch which at the cool touch of my finger tip (not even a switch really) I can painlessly switch between the two.

As far as the dog damage goes, we have now procured a crate.....a very very very large crate to put the dog in when he is unsupervised so the damage he can do to my computer (and the kitchen) should now be minimised/eliminated. Of course, the crate is sooooo large (because I didn't want to be mean) we can't actually cook in the kitchen. Minor detail which I have delegated to my husband to sort out. He gets all the really hard problems.

On the advice of a colleague I have downloaded Firefox which is another browser for Macs. This browser is compatible with blogger and is what I am using now to publish this post. Hurrah!

Next hurdle is uploading photos......any of you enjoying this half as much as I am? Geek alert!

This is my third post in 1 day: not good.....not good at all.....

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