Sunday 14 January 2007

Party Paranoia

Today is Abigail's Official Birthday, ie the day we throw a party for her friends since not many friends want to come to a birthday party on Christmas Eve. The Royal Mail and Sebastian have conspired against her. Sebastian lost the invites I sent to the school and I didn't discover this until Thrusday last week. the royal mail didn't deliver any of the invitations until Friday this week giving raather short notice. Some people are just back from holiday and live too far away. So a party which I had planned for 20 children will be a party for 6.....if I'd known I would have hosted it at the house. Instead I have rented out an entire play area for 6 children. With any luck, they will all get lost! At least everyone will get a prize in the pass the parcel game! I have less than 4 minutes to write this blog before the mayhem begins. Pictures to follow.....unless of course I am too exhausted, the camera battery runs out, I loose the camera, no one shows up. God, I hate throwing parties, even children's parties!

I thought this whole blog thing was kinda odd. But the more I read (other's blogs) the cooler I think the blogging thing is. Seriously, try the Next Blog tab at the top and see what pops up. OK, so you will zoom past some but others are fascinating.....ok, not so fascinating as interesting. Well, perhaps a bit more interesting than mine so maybe not a good idea to recommend my readers go elsewhere. Nevermind, forget I wrote that!

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