Tuesday 23 January 2007

I Hate Tuesdays

Up at 6:30 am. Children ready with ballet kit (both of them have ballet on Tuesdays). Off to work by 7:30. Go to a whole bunch of meetings. Feel like I've accomplished nothing. Pick up Abigail. Change her into her ballet costume (which is not as easy as it would seem) given that she is practicing dancing as I'm changing her. Drop her off. Wait for 1/2 hour. Take her home. Marc picks up Seb at same time. Get home. Make dinner. Do homework with Seb. Light fire in fireplace as it is below freezing and the house of freezing. Get ready for book group. Go to book group. Come home. go to sleep to start all over again. Oooops, forgot to breathe (and pee)!

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