Tuesday 16 January 2007

Music, soooooo not cool

My husband and I have never never ever had the same taste in music. I mean, my husband's favourite song of all time is Tiffany's, I think we're alone now and he is finding immense pleasure in the Girl's Aloud remake currently in the charts, as if this proves what a great song it is.

My friends, Sean & Helen (mostly Helen), find great pleasure in ridiculing my taste in music. When they were around on New Years Eve (and the collective 4 children were safely tucked into bed and we had safely tucked away several bottles of wine - each), we were watching the Jools Holland count down the New Years Eve. This is one of those strange things that English people do, comparable to that strange American thing of watching Dick Clark. What is that all about? But here we were watching musicians, young and old, of all genres playing all different types of music. If they were old British artists I didn't recognise them because, well, I didn't live here then. If they were new British artists I didn't recognise them because, well, I don't know why. Helen suggested this is because I don't listen to BBC Radio 1. Fair call. I don't' listen to BBC Radio 1 because the music is crap or the DJ is crap or both. Last night, as I was going to pick up Sebastian at his mate's house, I decided to heed Helen's advise and tuned into Radio 1. And there was a DJ talking. This is supposed to be advert free radio but it ends up being just a lot of noise coming out of this woman's mouth. She has horrible elocution and pronunciation and I can't understand a word she is saying....not because I can't understand but because the words she is using to string together a sentence don't make sense. It's like being from a land-locked state/country and listening to the shipping forecast for the very first time. Or in my case: ever! I still can't understand the shipping forecast although I do love trying. Nor can I understand the traffic report unless I concentrate real hard. This is one of the strangest things to learn when you move to a new country is how to decipher the language of the traffic report.

Ah, but I digress.....Sara Cox is a rubbish DJ and Radio 1 never did play a good song during my entire journey. OK, so the journey was only 10 minutes each way but that is ample time for some cool tunes and instead all I got were the mumblings of a DJ and a song that drove me round the bend and nearly drove my car into a wall. No more Radio 1, well at least not on a Monday night at 6:18 pm.

Now I used to be really into the music/clubbing scene before the whole children/ mortgage/ school fees/ life responsibility thing sucked the energy out of me.....I mean I altered priorities to more meaningful pursuits. My music taste are diverse. Just check out my iPod Library. You might think I was schizophrenic or something, which I might be but there I go digressing again. My friend, Scottish Mike, approves of my taste in music. So there! Rock on Ramones!


Barry said...

Hi there
Thanks for dropping by my blog last week and leaving your kind comments. I've enjoyed browsing through yours, even if I was rather envious of the scale of it compared to mine - you obviously have this bug big time! Radio 2 may be a better bet than 1.
Best wishes

LaDawn said...

Radio 1 is choice number 2 on the buttons. Radio 2 is button number 4. Neither are lighting a fire in my ear drums. Will give Radio 2 another go at your recommendation.

stephanie said...

I feel my music tastes have declined...I know that when my children are teens they will think my music tastes are old. I like to think of it as refined. Rock on Ramones!