Friday 26 January 2007

Famous for my Disease

The symptoms have spiralled out of control and I'm now afraid of losing consciousness. My blog has been quoted in a blog "expert" area (of sorts), Blog Herald

The post it refers to is Blog Disease.

I started seeing dots. I was starving myself of oxygen. I was yelling at my husband, "I'm famous! I'm famous!" I'm now trying to figure out how to get more advertisers on my site so I can retire. My husband is seriously concerned. I just told the whole blorld (blog world) about the holes in his socks! That's his problem.....they got my name wrong! My name is LaDawn! My last name is Clare-Panton!


stephanie said...

I bow-down to the famous one.


Leon said...

Hi LaDawn, I saw that post and came to your blog. It looks like they may have edited it and got it right.

I am envious though... because I have only made it as far a comments at Blog Herald. :)

Re: more advertizers: be subtle. Some blogs are more ad-farms than real blogs.