Friday 26 January 2007

Holes in Socks

My husband wears socks with holes in them. We can afford to buy new socks but he has his "comfy" socks and refuses to stop wearing them just because they have a few holes in them. The holes aren't just in the toes. Holes appear in the heel and across the top but he persists. He insists that he can't buy his favourite socks in the UK so we must go to the USA which makes the socks a bit more expensive than if he would just go to M&S (Marks & Spencer). I can't seem to get him to see that surely socks with no holes would be more comfortable (and warmer) than socks with holes no matter where he purchases them. He disagrees.

Now you might think this doesn't matter. I might be the only one in the whole wide world who sees his socks but this just isn't true. Inevitably, we go round to people's homes and when we arrive we remove our shoes. And, taaadaaa! There are Marc's toes. I find this embarrassing. He doesn't. Of course, he is an adult and I should let his toes speak for themselves. But somehow this makes me feel like I'm not a very good wife and I'm not taking care of my husband making sure he has whole socks rather than holey socks. I've tried throwing the socks out. He gets them out of the rubbish. One Christmas he received 16 pairs of socks. He was not happy. So now I leave the sock buying to him. Which simply means it doesn't happen! Grrrrrrrrrr!
I wish I had the technical ability and tools to set up an online survey. I would ask:
1) Does your husband wear socks with holes?
2) Do you care?


Anonymous said...

Holes in socks.....hmmmmmm...would you want to try darning them????

LaDawn said...

Oh my god.....has my grandmother risen from the dead and replied to one of my blog posts? Darn socks? What exactly is darning socks? I wouldn't even know where to start. Oh, is this a test of my knitting skills? Well, that's a failure to start with. I can't even knit a row without dropping several stitches. If I darned my husband's socks he'd end up with more holes than we started with.

Anonymous said...

We are the same about Michael's underwear. Thanks so much for coming to his rescue last year. September will have to include a shopping spree at M&S. Love from Clare

Anonymous said...

Darnning lesson #1..get a light bulb, 1 needle and thread hopefully the thread will be the same color as the item needed to be darned...lesson #2 Place the light blub into the sock using the large hole where his leg usually ends up. with the needle threaded and notted start moving the needle and thread back and forth joining both raw edges of the material so they become one again.. lrsson#3 continue until hole is closes and tie off the threads.. Wa Laaaa mending complete... If it were me I would jut buy him some new ones...HeeeeeHeeee..Love Mom