Monday 29 January 2007

Mother Fuel

This morning I discovered an alternative fuel source: kisses and cuddles. Some may doubt the validity of this as a source of energy. I know it works for this mother. This morning, my son crawled into bed with me and announced he was glad I was still in bed. When I asked why did it matter, he replied, very matter-of-fact, that it meant he would have a great day. I expressed my surprise at this lofty proclamation. But he assured me that on days when he got lots of kisses and cuddles from me he always had a great day and had loads of energy.

I took this under advisement and decided to conduct my own experiment. I bounced out of bed, took my bath and proceeded to have a great day. I had boundless energy on the way to work and despite nearly being driven off the road by a rush hour road rally, I kept my calm and just laughed at the idiots. In the office, much to my team's amusement (and dismay) similar energy continued to display itself. No matter what happened during the day I drew on my memory of those amazing K&Cs and I felt renewed again. Before my husband arrived home this evening, I had moved laundry about, made dinner, tidied up the compost pile, taken out the rubbish, unloaded the dishwasher, folded and put away 2 loads of clothes and was still going like a speed demon. I hadn't accomplished this much in the entire preceding week.

I encourage all to draw on this source of energy. Kisses and cuddles: the energy of the future!


Anonymous said...


That is the greatest story I've read in a long time. We should all kiss & cuddle more!

Love, Clare

Anonymous said...

I'd love to get those kind of K&C's send a boat load my way pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Love MOM

Anonymous said...

Hey, just read this and I agree 100%! We often talk about how I feel run down when I work in London (not sleeping in hotels etc)

I think this is why - Perhaps your team could offer K&C's as part of their account management? LOL