Thursday 25 January 2007


Be careful what you wish sister is in Denver which is buried under 4 feet of snow, literally! Her blog has pictures to prove it. I commented on her blog that I would trade my rain for her snow. The next morning (yesterday) we had snow! OK, so it was less 1/4 inch of snow. Ask and ye shall receive! Gosh, I wonder if this works with money?

Everything looked so beautiful. Abigail thought it was Christmas! Sebastian was major bummed when he came home from school to find the snow had melted as he had quite high hopes of building a snowman. The forecast was for more snow overnight so I assured him there would be other opportunities. BIG MISTAKE!

The forecast snow never materialised. Now Abby and Seb want to just hop on a plane and go to Colorado. The practicalities (and financing) of this escape my 5 1/2 and 3 year old! Maybe I could hire a snow machine.....ah, the things mothers do!

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stephanie said...

Heee heeee! You've hit the big time. Your blog got spammed.