Monday 22 January 2007

A step too far?

I subscribe to a newsletter called Executive Momorandum from It based in New York and therefore has limited relevance to me but I love reading about what they are getting up to across the pond and it gives me loads of ideas for balancing the demands of working and being a mother. I wish somebody would start one over here in the UK based in London. I suspect though that the Brits would not see the advantage in the networking and support opportunities. (tell me if I am wrong about this and I will go and start one up right now!) I had a hard enough time keeping a mom's support group going at my workplace.

Recently I got an email advertising a service for helping mothers:

Let me get this straight: we all are working very hard to make more money to pay people to do things for us which we don't have time to do because we are all working so hard to make more money to pay other people to do things for us......vicious circle!

But is this a step too far? I can see the value in the "phone book", ie the contacts and numbers of all the people and places (check out the services page) but I just don't get the end-to-end service (check out the prices page). I would really miss out if I didn't arrange my daughter's birthday party or plan our own holidays. Isn't this absconding all parenting responsibilities?

Although $150 for a yearly rate, they do everything for you......hmmmmm, the temptation! Right now this is only available for New Yorkers. If anyone thinks there is a market for this in the UK (London area), let me know. Another smashing business idea although not sure how profitable this would be! I feel a business plan coming on.

Quickly, yesterday went just as planned: R & R. I even took a nap! I added loads of information to my family tree on and still have loads of info pouring in to add. Let's hope they get some of the bugs worked out and improve the performance. Right now I'm spending lots of time waiting for the tree to come back to me!


Janell said...

Congratulations on discovering the vicious circle about 10 years sooner than I did!
The trick is to calculate how much you’d get paid for doing all the stuff you would have paid someone else to do and then pat yourself on the back for how much you saved by doing it yourself.
The emotional enjoyment you get out of planning the birthday arties, etc. is PRICELESS. Don’t ever forget that – it will all be a memory sooner than you think.
I hope you are saving a hard copy of your blog entries. It’s such a great way to preserve personal and family history.
I made some entries on the tree at and sent word to Randy’s sisters. Hopefully, they will add more.

LaDawn said...

I agree with you completely. I'd rather do it myself than pay someone else to do it for me. Marc is saving a hardcopy off line. I hope they like it when they get older and don't consdier it too intrusive.

Anonymous said...

Good grief it sounds like you've had a few days of hell...Isn't been a mom,wife chauffer,dog sitter, horse arranger, and all the other things we do or don't have time to do..Wheeee it's maddening Mom