Friday 5 January 2007

Unexplained Vomiting

Sebastian is on the road of recovery. His coughing has nearly stopped altogether. His temperature is back to normal. His earaches have abated. His nose is dripping but manageable.

Abigail is not so lucky. When we put her to bed she was very unhappy with Marc because he had put her in pajamas that were not her "Dora" pajamas. We explained that she could wear those tomorrow night but that didn't make her unhappy. She reluctantly went to bed unhappy with her lack of control over her pj situation. At around midnight, Abigail appeared at our bedside crying with a dark sticky substance all over her pjs and hair. We got her jammies off of her, got her teeth brushed and hair cleaned and went downstairs to her bedroom to discover carnage. Vomit was all over her blanket, sheet, dolly, and pillow. I got new jammies on her (the "Dora" pjs she wanted to wear in the first place) and Marc changed the sheets and put the blanket and dolly in the washing. Abigail was ever so slightly warmer than she should have been but I would be too if I had just vomited copious quantities. She was very upset with herself and kept saying sorry but was very happy with herself for managing to get her "Dora pajamas" put on her. Poor little girl. We tucked her back into bed after explaining that there was nothing to be upset about. And she went off to sleep. This morning she seems fine. I can't help but think it was all an elaborate ruse to get her "Dora pjs" on.

This morning, both Marc and I are decidedly worse for wear. It took me hours to get back to sleep because I kept listening for her to be sick again. Now my cough is increasing in its severity and frequency. I feel like I am getting a temperature. We need someone to come in and fumigate the house. I've tried opening windows and wiping all surfaces with a disinfectant. My father blames our dog. (OK, so that doesn't make any sense.....he just doesn't like dogs in the house.) Marc has been surprisingly resilient to it all. He has had no cough, no fever, no sick; just lack of sleep from taking care of the invalids in his family. Good man!

If you are bored with all this talk of illness........imagine how we feel! I feel like I am blogging about the weather! Of course, this will all be better once it is time to get back to school.

I managed a full day back at work in the office yesterday. I work with some really amazing people. I met with my team leads and and man who stood in for me whilst I was off on annual leave. No catastrophes whilst I was away. The team was ever so nice and said it was good to have me back. It was strange being off work for so long but after yesterday I feel like I am back in the swing.

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Janell said...

well, i do hope your next several nights are uneventful!
you have posted some more adorable pictures of your little ones - so nice.
speaking of pictures, i have some of your dad on horseback in the winner's circle. they were among the photos the family was dispersing after Randy's mother passed away. i should send them to you if you don't have any of him.
i wish i could go to the cafe in Windsor with you.
i'm certain my 07 will go better than 06 ended - my computer's hard drive self destructed or something, so i have only recently gotten back online.
to answer the question you posted on my blog; my "book" turned out to be more of a short story, although too long to post on a blog. if you're interested i'll email it when it's done. i intend to search for a publisher.
take care!