Thursday 18 January 2007

Wind Damage - so far


Anonymous said...

Wow - looks like some serious wind in your area. Lucky your husbands such a DIY ace. Being somewhat of a DIY guru myself, I'd recommend that the trellis is re-attached to the garage with some serious wall fixing - it will clearly never stand up with just a post in the ground.

Blog is very amusing - very pleased to hear about Sebbie's spelling skills - perhaps he could help Mummy with some of her numbering skills in the blog disease section.

Hope the cupboard door stays on and I hope you get a bigger cage for Bailey or the local RSPCA may have to be called in!

LaDawn said...

The above comment has been left by my neighbour who has the same shortcomings in DIY skills has my husband and has clearly been paid by my husband.

What numbering mistakes?

No more room in kitchen for bigger cage. Will have to move and buy bigger house for bigger cage but at least then I will be rid of that neighbour!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have quite a mess..I could always come help and play in the garden..At least you don't have to deal with all the snow we have another 10 inches yesterday mom