Thursday 18 January 2007

Wind like I've never seen

The wind is blowing.....and I mean howling blowing!. It is scaring the daylights out of me. On the lane to our home, tress have fallen and are partially blocking he orad. My thanks goes out to whoever had taken it upon themselves to chop the trees in half and move them to the side of the road making a small path through so that I could get home with the children. Our trellis with my beloved honeysuckle is over resting on the upturned rubbish bin and composting bin and god only knows where the recycling bins have ended up. I spoke to the local policeman (bobby on the beat) who was bravely walking his bicycle down the road. He said Old Windsor is doing ok with no power cuts or gas leaks or flooding. The power is out in parts of Maidenhead.....oh my god, the lights are flickering.

According to the BBC, a ship is sinking some 40 miles off the Lizard coast in Cornwall with 26 people on board. The rescue operation is under way this afternoon, which strong winds will hamper. A woman has also been killed by a falling wall in Berkshire (which is where we live). Flights in and out of Heathrow have been suspended.

My house is over 110 years old. It stands in a terrace with 3 others. It is strong and feels strudy. The wind is howling through the house. It has now started to rain. What I wouldn't give for a little light snow about now!

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Janell said...

wow - scary stuff going on in the skies over there. We were snowed in at home Sunday night and part of monday. our winds are howling today (Thurs)and the roads are blowing closed again in this part of NE. take care.