Sunday 1 July 2007

Belated Birthday Celebration

Yes, I know Sebastian turned 6 back on 4 June. But when I asked him what type of birthday party he wanted he told me he wanted to go to the cinema with his friends to see Shrek 3. That presented a wee bit of a problem since the film was not released until 29 June. He said we could just postpone the party. How very 6 of him!

Then we had the wee bit of a problem with the guest list. Historically, we have invited both of his classes and numerous friends he has collected over the years. This could have easily brought the guest list up to around 50 children. I could not possibly reasonably control 50+ children in a cinema. I knew I would loose a few.

So I set Sebastian down with the impossible task of whittling the invite list down to 10 of his closest friends. The final list ended up being for 11 and 2 couldn't come so we had a manageable number.

Now we just had to wait for the party. This was forever. At least in Seb's eyes. And we all know how Abigail goes on and on and on about birthday cake.

The night before the party I baked the birthday cake. Seb wanted the frosting to be the same colour as Shrek. After a lot of agonising over the exact colour of Shrek and mixing yellow and green food colour I do believe we got close!

And at last the morning had arrived. We had picked the right venue for the party. The rains were falling like a monsoon so everyone was happy to be inside. Everyone arrived on time and we got all the children seated in a row with parents positioned at both ends and behind to control access and distraction. But we needn't have worried. The children sat there riveted by the film. At the end they all got up and danced. Wish I had seen that.

But I had already left for Pizza Hut to ensure we had a table secured and the pizza was on its way. The children made funny faces and ate loads of pizza. The waitress at the restaurant was fantastic! She took care of everything we needed.

Sebastian told me last night that it was his best party ever. I hope he says that every year. Even Marc & I enjoyed ourselves. We didn't have any mess to clean up. There were no injuries and no children went missing. And we got to visit with the parents who had turned up to help us control the battlefield. Phew, another party successfully executed.

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