Tuesday 10 July 2007


On Saturday night I felt like I had teenagers in the house. Sebastian had his mate, Jamie, stay overnight. The boys played well together despite Abigail trying to interrupt. She believes that Jamie is her mate too and couldn't understand why the two 6 year olds didn't want her hanging around them. And so it begins!

The two boys stayed up well past bedtime. Despite getting into bed by 8 pm when Sebastian informed me he was just too tired to continue playing, they didn't fall asleep until well past 10 pm. They sat up in bed reading the Flanimals books to each other. We could hear them laughing the night away. I finally had to go upstairs and give them a bit of a stern warning.

Despite the late night they did not sleep past 6 am. We had a breakfast of our traditional pancakes and bacon on the table by 7:30 am. They used the rest of the morning for yet more playing. Who knew there was so much to do with Pokemons?

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