Friday 20 July 2007

It's Not About the Bike by Lance Armstrong

No, but it is all about him. What did I expect? This is after all an autobiography of the serial Tour de France winner and his fight against cancer. The trouble is I just simply don't like the man.

It is especially hard to read about his relationship with his wife (from whom he is now divorced). I've seen subsequent interviews with her which attributes the breakdown of their marriage to his priorities being with racing, ie he spent very little time with said wife and their children. This book really show how self obsessed Armstrong is. Maybe when you reach those lofty heights of athletic achievement you need to be all about me. I hope not.

I won't be reading the sequel. Which is not doubt more about how great he is.


Sue said...

I'll put this one on my "not" list.

Janell said...

I think there is a certain amount of self centeredness in the heights of any achievement, athletic or otherwise. It sounds like Mr. Armstrong thinks he achieved what he did in spite of his family instead of crediting them with the support they undoubtably gave.