Tuesday 3 July 2007

No Vacation!

And what do you think of this nonsense?

I am thrilled to work in a country that has 20 days annual leave for all permanent full time workers s a matter of law. It is one of the reasons I stay in the UK. I also earn an additional 9 days with my current employer taking my total annual leave up at 29 days. I work less than 11 months of the year!

I get to enjoy my family, my friends, the world. I can take time off to go teach in my sons school. I make sure I take annual leave to go to Sports Days and School Plays. My family and I will take 2 weeks off in August to go to France and Cornwall. I am about so much more than work work work.

I feel sorry for those people who work for Mr. Trump.


Shirley said...

I don't "check-in" while on my vacation. I used to at other jobs, but I am secure enough with this one because of union contracts, to know my job will be right where I left it. I am not a fan of this guy at all.

Anonymous said...

I also have 20 days, but it was not legislated. I negotiated it as part of my compensation package.

LaDawn said...

Some people have the skills to leveerage this type of compensation package. Others don't. But they don't work any harder. And the work envirnoment aren't any less stressful.